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What's Happening at LEC
Fully-Staffed Resource Room for 2014-15
Gearing up for the 2014-15 school year is more than hiring extra staff and purchasing new desks. Having recognized for some time the increased need for professional remedial support for certain Elementary school students, Rabbi Benjy Korf has taken steps to inaugurate an official Resource Room come this August. To put the project together, Mrs. Sharon Mirmelli was tapped to develop the concept, its goals and its standards. Mrs. Rivkah Stein, who has extensive experience in directing a Resource Room, will serve as its director. On a day-to-day basis the room will serve as a unique place where students, who for various reasons are academically challenged, will be brought up to class level.
Students learn many lines of Gemorah to earn money points as they pass "Go."

What has taken the 5th and 6th grade boys by storm? Why, it's Gemora-Opoly! With over 140 amudim of Gemorah learned by heart, the students have gained a special confidence and enthusiasm in their Gemorah studies by using one of America's most beloved board games—Monopoly. As in its namesake, students purchase and sell properties with lines of Gemorah they've learned. "The program has been extremely successful in motivating the students," according to Gemorah curriculum director Rabbi Shuki Steinberg. Just recently they enjoyed a festive gathering, made possible by the many Gemora-Opoly points they earned. It was even better than taking a ride on the Reading.
Elementary Girls' Annual Mother-Daughter Brunch
The Annual Mother-Daughter Brunch was a double event this year, with the 1st and 2nd grade girls and their mothers on one day and then 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls and their mothers on the following week. Both gatherings were beautiful and special. Students Shaina Korf and Simi Btesh, and mothers Rochel Holzkenner and Chani Lebovic each offered greetings and a brief speech at their respective events. The highlight of each brunch was a video of every girl speaking a few words about her mother. A beautiful meal, with a salad bar, hot dishes and dessert, followed by making bow hangers rounded out the program. Much thanks go to Bnos Director Chani Dalfin for organizing each brunch.
LEC Computer Programming Instruction Featured on Tribute Dinner Video
An online learning platform created specifically for children has been part of the LEC Elementary School for both boys and girls since the beginning of the school year. Enjoyed by all the students, the program's success was recently featured on a video shown at this year's Annual Tribute Dinner. Much thanks go to David and Eda Schottenstein, the inspiration and sponsors behind the Tynker Computer Programing curriculum and also one of the dinner honorees. Thanks also go to Rabbi Menachem Tauber, the program's director. Click on the icon to read about Tynker Premium for Schools.
Honoring the Rambam on His Chof Teves Yahrtzeit
Dr. Yekusiel Sandman talks maintaining good heath with students

It was a wonderful honor and experience to have Dr. Yekusiel Sandman, a urologist from Baptist Hospital and an LEC parent, speak to the students about health and safety. Relying on Maimonic teachings and modern-day medicine, Dr. Sandman discussed major health issues many people deal with. Among the topics he addressed were the effects of smoking on one's overall health and the meaning of the blessing "Asher Yotzar." Well prepared with a Power Point presentation, Dr. Sandman was able to make it easy for his young audience to understand what he was telling them. A slide show on nutrition, prepared by Mrs. Sandman, brought home the strong message: You are what you eat.
Kenyan Acrobats Delight Students at Chanukah Performance
Talented acrobats from Mombassa, Kenya entertained Elementary School students at a special Chanukah performance. The skilled and very upbeat acrobats combined artistry and physical prowess in their show filled with music, dance and fun.
Elementary School Creativity on Display in Menorah Contest 5774
Candy, sea shells, potatoes, Legos, doughnuts . . .

This year's Elementary School Menorah Contest brought out the creative best in its students. With materials of every variety—some you could eat, some you could drink, even a few you could repair your plumbing with—the students crafted menorahs that were only limited by one's imagination. It was difficult selecting winners, but congratulations to those who made some extra special projects: Yossi Katan, Mendy Rubinstein, Ari Baron, Ari Rubinstein, Yossi Rubinstein, Nissy Bortunk, Efraim Sacho, Eli Rabin, Moshe Kaploun, Motty Katz, Motty Baron, Uriel Menachem, Matan Dana, Shia Aronson, Menny Labkovski, Ari Raskin, Shmuli Labkovski, Yehuda Reinetz and Shmuli Brody.
Yud-Tes Kislev Marked by Grand Seuda
The assembly was honored by special guest, Rabbi Aaron Gancz.

LEC boys marked Yud-Tes Kislev as a Yom Tov experience like no other. The day began with a festive davening and learning about the importance of the day, including many stories from their teachers. Grades 3 to 6 competed in an exciting trivia game of "Jewpardy," where team "Alter Rebbe" realized an amazing comeback victory! The competition was followed by an emotional Seder Niggunim, culminating with the Alter Rebbe's Niggun. Rabbi Aaron Gancz, the Rebbe's Shliach to Monsey, honored the assembly with tales of Chizuk and Hiskashrus, and a lesson on how each one of us has wings of Chassidus and Nigleh. This was followed by a beautiful Seuda and a heartfelt Benching by all.
Students Recipients of New Weiss Siddur for Children
Pictures and explanations make it a valuable learning tool.

In recognition of the tremendous effort the students made in last year's Tzivos Hashem program, each soldier was awarded with an extremely beautiful new Tehilas Hashem Siddur. Released a few months ago, the Weiss Siddur was created as a collaboration between Tzivos Hashem and Merkos Publications, and aims to open the door to the rich meaning of the world of davening. Created not as a research tool but as an active davening companion, the color-coded Siddur includes phrase-by-phrase explanations, a brief summary of tefillos, and hundreds of alternate explanations of select phrases based on chassidus. The siddur will be a tremendous asset to LEC's davening program.
Give Your Bubby and Zaidy a Call. They'd Love To Hear From You!
New program encourages regular outreach to family.

LEC has joined other schools around the country in encouraging our students to call their bubby and zaidy, or other family members, at least once a week. Entitled "HaKol Kol Yakov," the program instills in the children respect and concern for one's family. For every call a student makes he/she receives a ticket, which, when they are accumulated, can be used for prizes. We are grateful to the Bortunk family for sponsoring the boys' program and the Lipkind and Kagan families for sponsoring the girls' program in memory of their loved ones.
Annual Book Fair Honored with Visit from "Princess Batya"
Established on the theme of an "Egyptian Oasis," where you read a cool book on a hot day, this year's annual Book Fair had an extra measure of fun. General Studies Principal, Mrs. Sharon Mirmelli, donned a special Egyptian headdress and assumed the role of "Princess Batya" to promote the theme. As in the past, the annual Book Fair offers a very large assortment of books and gift items at discount prices to promote book reading for everyone. Much thanks go to Mrs. Aviva Druin and Mrs. Sandra Gutt for their help in organizing the event and to the many parents who helped with sales.
Klurman Celebrates Double Graduation
Parents, family, teachers and friends came together to celebrate the double graduation of Klurman Middle and High School students. Filling the auditorium to capacity, the attendees were addressed by Rabbi Abraham Korf, who said the students can take pride in having learned in the Rebbe's institution and exhorted them to always remain close to Chabad and Chassidus. Greetings were also given by representatives of the staff—Rabbi Eily Smith, the student body—Yehuda Rubin, and the parents—Mr. Meir Zigelbom. At the end of the evening Rabbi Yossi Zavdi, Principal, and Rabbi Benjy Korf presented diplomas to the graduates, wishing them much success in their educational pursuits.
Weekly Parenting

Summers were the best part of my year. I remember feeling like I gained more in one month of sleepaway camp than in ten months of school. The energy and excitement of camp enlivened not only the trips and activities, but also the Shabbat meals and late-night talks with my counselors.

Summer may be a vacation from school, but it is not a vacation from Judaism. That would be like taking a break from life, for Torah is our life, and there’s no vacation from living!

If anything, the summertime allows for more time to learn and grow spiritually, with the excitement and joy that is so much a part of vacation.

Thoughtstream: Today, I will set aside time during summer fun to teach my kids something holy.

(Adapted from Sichat Kodesh 5731, vol. 2, p. 317.)

A Thought for the Day
Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet, before the coming of the great and awesome day of G-d. And he will return the hearts of fathers to children, and the hearts of children to their fathers
— Malachi 3:23-24
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LEC Annual Mother-Daughter Tea

LEC Annual Mother-Daughter Tea

LEC Annual Mother-Daughter Tea

LEC Annual Mother-Daughter Tea

LEC Annual Mother-Daughter Tea

LEC Annual Mother-Daughter Tea
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